Break the Silo: Transform Logs & Metrics Into Real-time Insights


Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 10:00AM PT

You know the feeling – it’s 4:00AM, your app is down, and you’re on the hook to fix it. The last thing your tired eyes need are multiple tools to sift through for insights to get you answers.

We all know the world is changing - as businesses make the move to the digital world, software is now the primary source of innovation and engine for business growth. This increasing rate of innovation comes with a laser focus on agility on modern applications to drive the business. It’s clear today’s app ain’t your daddy’s app. Teams have become cross-functional and collaborative, but the tools available for monitoring and troubleshooting apps simply can’t keep up – and that’s where we come in.

Sumo Logic recently announced the industry’s first cloud-native machine data analytics platform powered by machine learning technology, that can natively ingest and analyze both structured metrics data and unstructured log data together in real-time. What does this mean? Now, you can have instant access to the full analytics breadth for modern applications – from code to end-user behaviors to move with the speed and agility necessary to compete in today’s digital business world.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Join us on May 4th at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET as we take a closer look into this breakthrough platform and discuss:

  • How the rise of the modern application is changing the way we all work
  • Why you can’t afford to use siloed tools for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • How integrating logs and metrics data can lead to real-time continuous intelligence for richer operational, business and customer insights
  • A live demonstration of the first ever unified logs and metrics platform

Our Speaker


Ben Newton

Principal Product Manager

Sumo Logic

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