Don't let legacy Splunk derail your Security and Application Modernization

Thursday, 24 February 2022
5:00 PM IST

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Don't let legacy Splunk derail your Security and Application Modernization

Our head has always been in the Cloud

Handling today’s business challenges, accelerating innovation, gaining efficiency and minimizing risk requires a complete rethink and redo. Relying on legacy, on-premises, siloed, complex and expensive ITOps and security solutions such as Splunk, limits your organizational performance and success. Find out why enterprises are migrating away from Splunk to Sumo Logic’s unified cloud-native solution to modernize their approach to security and observability.

In this session, you will hear from Sumo Logic experts on:

  • Why legacy architecture and siloed solutions are a misfit for modern enterprises
  • Unique differentiators of Sumo Logic cloud-native platform
  • Why customers are switching to Sumo Logic
  • How to leverage Sumo Logic and partners to quickly migrate

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Webinar Details:
Date: Thursday, 24 February 2022
Time: 5:00 PM IST

Akash Kadakia
Professional Services
Sumo Logic
Girish Bhat
Vice President
Sumo Logic
Manny Lopez
Principal Competitive
Sumo Logic
Stefan Zier
Chief Architect
Sumo Logic
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Full Name
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